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Dan Fette


Dan Fette graduated from Texas A&M in 1983 with a BS in Building Construction and a MS in Construction Management.  After many years working for others in the construction industry Dan started off on his own in 2003 with the desire to build just a few really great houses a year.  That way he would devote his full attention to the project and give truly memorable service to his customers.  Dan’s experience includes managing the construction or remodeling of well over 100 houses through the years, including construction of the first Zero Energy home in North Texas.


Dan built his first passive solar home in 1986, incorporating many of the same principles which today have become standard for high performance Green Building.  In 2007 Dan Fette Builders, Inc. Won the Texas Environmental Excellence Award in the Small Business category for its work on Nevada Court, a subdivision of new green homes designed and built for Denton Affordable Housing Corporation.  Later that year Dan received a Congressional Commendation for his work promoting affordable green buildings throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  In 2008 Nevada Court won a Best in American Living Award at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida. 

A long time advocate for environmental stewardship, Dan led the effort to create a residential Green Building Program for the Dallas Fort Worth area.  He served as chairman of Green Built North Texas, an initiative for the HBA of Greater Dallas.  From its inception in 2006 through September 2008, Dan was in charge of directing the establishment of the program’s goals, construction requirements, and procedures.  In 2008 Green Built North Texas was recognized by the National Association of Home Builders as the New Green Building Program of the year.  In January 2009 the program was taken state wide with the appropriate name change to Green Built Texas.


Dan currently serves on the board of directors for Green Built Texas.