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Client Testimony

 "This letter is to commend Dan Fette Builders to anyone considering a well built, energy efficient and beautifully designed home.  We began conversations with Dan and his architect, Gerald Stone, in spring 2012....They patiently guided us through multiple versions...until about a year later, we were able to finalize the plan and begin construction.  Throughout the construction process Dan demonstrated an uncommon level of commitment to ensure every phase of construction was completed according to plan and within budget....

We are already reaping the benefits of the extraordinary energy efficiencies designed into this house, as our first two electric bills are setting up well for the $100 / mo. average we were hoping for....In short, we're pleased with the finished house and with Dan Fette Builders and trust that anyone seeking to build a beautiful, energy efficient home would have the same experience."

April 2014
Tim & Celia Williamson, Aubrey, TX


"Just want to let you know that I think you have done a fantastic job building our home.  I really appreciate your attention to the details, the knowledge you bring and your positive attitude.  It has all paid off as the home is really coming together.  I can't imagine going through this process with anyone else.  I believe you provide a very unique product and service...I see you as a jewel in an industry filled with rocks.  Many thanks."

February 2012
Michael Vasey, Flower Mound, Texas


"As a client and Dan's decorator, I get to see the behind-the-scenes care and detail on each project.  He is unrivaled with intensity to please the customer.  Building can be extremely stressful but Dan and his teams will be there for you to create a wonderful home from designing to construction and a year later for warranty walk-through.  I've known Dan and his family for 12 years and I believed in his mission so much that I volunteered to work for him September 2007."

March 2011
Kelly & Jeff Fincher, Denton, TX


"Thank you for all your planning and work on my energy efficient home renovation.  Before meeting you I spent 10 months researching and trying to troubleshoot my problems with various contractors.  Your cost saving ideas and holistic approach sold me on Dan Fette Builders from our first meeting....The payoff for my family is a more comfortable, naturally lit, cost saving, structurally sound, and aesthetically beautiful home.  It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to keep in touch."

March 2011
Mary and Janusz Umbrewicz, Colleyville, TX

"We came to Dan with a design concept..., a firm requirement for energy efficiency, and a tight budget.  Dan & Gerald worked through the architectural design with us, then came up with the best construction materials and methods to keep utility bills at a minimium while maintaining our budget.  While there were trade-offs, we were able to accomplish both.  Dan was very careful to protect trees and build the house to take advantage of winter sun while minimizing heat from summer sun.  He kept us well informed of progress during construction while Kelly worked with us on the interior finishes.  The end result is a home that is fun to live in, and one that performs better than we ever could have imagined." 

Summer 2010
Shane & Denise Murphy, Argyle, Texas



“We were looking for a builder who was committed to energy efficiency and helping us design a home that fit our lifestyle.  We spent nearly 6 months with the entire team designing the house with energy efficiency and our lifestyle in mind.  We were pleased with [Dan’s] follow-up, attention to detail, and proactive communication.

…Over the last 9 months since the home was completed we’ve also been impressed with [Dan’s] follow-up as we worked through the minor issues that go along with a new home….We’ve commented often that we were fortunate to have [Dan Fette] as our builder”


February, 2010

Mr. Charlie Fisher & Mrs. Gloria Fisher



“I have known Dan for over five years….I [was] so impressed with his knowledge of and commitment to green environmentally friendly building I hired him in a consulting capacity to help design and plan our Nevada Court development:  A green affordable residential project in Denton, Texas.….[then] to stay on to oversee and manage the entire construction process. 

He worked diligently to get the best prices for DAHC while ensuring quality workmanship.  Dan is meticulous in his oversight of the building process.  His professionalism and conscientiousness made for a nearly flawless building process.  Dan is a superb builder.  I would hire him again without hesitation.”


Jane Burda Provo, Executive Director, Denton Affordable Housing Corporation


“From the beginning we had confidence in Fette because of his scrupulous attention to detail.  Initially we had worked with him as one of five bidding contractors on a new house we had developed with a Dallas architect. Fette was, by far, the most detailed in his analysis of the project and the most competitive in his pricing.  His interest in, knowledge of, and concern for the environmental issues agreed with one of our main interests, that of green building.

[We] later embarked on a more modest 1100 Sq. Ft. addition to our present home…Fette’s design was not only lovely and met all of our requirements, but extremely sensitive to the existing house itself, so that it looks as if it has always been there.  During the construction process we have been impressed with the quality of Fette’s subcontractors, the excellent relationships he has with them, and the organizational efficiency with which the project has been carried out.”


 R. Daniel Mauldin, Regents professor of Mathematics, University of North Texas

Diana R. Block, Director, University of North Texas Art



“…[My wife] and I considered moving to a little larger home or expanding our current home in the fall of 2003.  After reviewing the marketplace we determined that an addition would better fit our needs…  Dan Fette did an absolutely outstanding job at running our project... [He] quoted us about 10 weeks (but we had Thanksgiving and Christmas week to contend with), and he completed the job in 10 weeks!   He completed the job on budget, he managed his crews to have at least one sub; many times several subs on site every day.  This was not a small project to complete and Dan’s dedication to getting the job done was outstanding.”

March, 2004

 Mr. Jeff Cosby


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